The Growth of Giving

Just imagine if Hendersonians could secure $3.725 million annually to serve our community. It is possible if you act now!
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Endow Kentucky Tax Credit

Receive a 20% tax credit up to $10,000 per donor per taxable year and still take the federal charitable tax deduction value of the gift.
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Planned giving podcast

with Mark Weaver:

Jamie Levy of J.D. Levy & Associates interviews Mark Weaver, CFP, president of the Community Foundation of Henderson, about planned giving and creating generational impact.
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Latest News

Keep up-to-date on all of the happenings at the Community Foundation of Henderson and how you can get involved today.
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The Community Foundation of Henderson is a philanthropic organization offering donor services, endowment building opportunities and philanthropic advocacy. Through the power of permanently endowed funds, the Foundation helps donors achieve their charitable goals and enables nonprofits to establish stable income sources.

The City of Henderson is fortunate to have a government that is active in community and economic development; non-profit organizations that are committed to improve the community through work in specific areas of interest, and an array of public-private partnerships that work to advance the county through economic development, business relationships and downtown utilization. While these various organizations reach successes through their tireless work, there is not one vehicle of growth that looks at the community as a whole. The establishment of the Community Foundation ties all of these groups together while creating an environment to foster community involvement, investment and action.

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