Men’s Bourbon Society of Henderson (MBSH) created and sustained by men, is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Henderson County, Kentucky. MBSH will achieve its mission and purpose through its charitable efforts by providing financial resources to organizations and programs important to men based on specific criteria established by MBSH.

The goals of the Men’s Bourbon Society of Henderson (MBSH) are as follows:
•   To enhance the significance and understanding of effective philanthropy and recognition through education of the membership and the community;
•   To award financial gifts to qualified organizations important to men and educate the membership and the community about those gifted projects;
•   To actively expand and diversify its membership base by creating and hosting social events and networking opportunities;
•   To keep abreast of changing community needs and existing funding sources so that gifts awarded will achieve maximum effectiveness;
•   To educate the membership regarding the gifting process by offering opportunities to engage them in the process;
•   To actively grow an endowment simultaneously that will give in perpetuity while gifting most immediately in a given year.

Men's Bourbon Society of Henderson Bylaws (Click Here)

MBSH Information Sheet (Click Here)