About Us

The Community Foundation of Henderson is a philanthropic organization offering donor services, endowment building opportunities, and philanthropic advocacy. Through the power of permanently endowed funds, the Foundation helps donors achieve their charitable goals and enables nonprofits to establish stable income sources.  We act as a servant to the community, supporting initiatives that build a stronger, more vibrant Henderson.  Four areas of interest encompass the Community Foundation of Henderson:  Educating our community, Caring for our community, Inspiring our community, and Improving our community. 

Educating: Education is a Priority from the Start

The Community Foundation of Henderson administers scholarship funds established by our donors. Additionally, plans to disseminate grants to local education initiatives.  As the challenges of our educational programs and institutions change over time, the Community Foundation of Henderson will be able to meet those needs with the investment in the community.

Caring: Wake-Up Call to a Community Need

The Community Foundation of Henderson desires to provide leadership assistance and support to our Non-Profit Organizations as they promote philanthropy and build endowments to serve their communities. The training tools provided will create a more effective communication system among non-profits organizations in order to prevent duplication of services and establish collaboration programs. The Community Foundation of Henderson disseminate grant funds to organizations that reach out to those less fortunate in our community through health and human service programs.

Inspiring: Enriching Lives through Arts and Culture

The Community Foundation of Henderson is dedicated to supporting and enhancing the visual and performing arts programs offered in the community through member-supported grants to arts providers, capacity-building workshops for grant applicants, and forums for members which foster arts involvement, appreciation, and awareness.

Improving: Developing & Expanding Community Revitalization Programs

The Revitalization Strategy for a community is based on a mix of public actions and private activities that will work together to meet the goals of creating a vibrant City of Henderson. These projects, actions, and activities are intended to bring more activity to the streets, lure more people to linger in public places, and attract more business to downtown establishments.  The result will be a community for its residents, showing off its strongest assets to visitors. The Community Foundation of Henderson will not compete with other organizations that exist to improve our community but compliment them.  This is accomplished by offering an additional vehicle of financial support and technical expertise for nonprofit organizations and community initiatives, strengthening the tools we already have that work tirelessly to improve our community. .


Our Affiliation with The Community Foundation of West Kentucky
The Community Foundation of Henderson is an affiliate foundation in partnership with the Community Foundation of West Kentucky.  The Community Foundation of West Kentucky, housed in Paducah, Kentucky, was established in 1996 and since has grown into a regional foundation with 130+ charitable funds with four affiliates; CFH, Madisonville/Hopkins County, Glasgow/Barren County, and Murray.  CFWK has over $15 million in assets with over $1.3 million in grants disbursed last year back into the communities they serve. The Community Foundation of West Kentucky provides advice, integrity, experience and administrative support to the Community Foundation of Henderson until it is able to stand on its own.  With this partnership, the Community Foundation of Henderson will see only a 1% administrative fee on the total value of the funds housed within the Community Foundation of West Kentucky.

How does an Affiliate Work?

Creating A Fund

It’s easy. All it takes to establish an Affiliate Fund is one or more individuals committed to a vision of making their community a better place to live. As a Field of Interest Fund, the scope of an Affiliate Fund is defined by the people creating it. The focus can be an entire county or simply a community within a county. The only requirements are a brief fill-in-the blank document and an initial contribution of at least $10,000. The Foundation gratefully accepts gifts in the form of cash, securities, bequests, planned gifts and other assets.

Building the Fund

Once in place, supporters of the Affiliate Fund can make gifts of any size at any time. Separate funds can be created under the umbrella of the Affiliate Fund for individuals, nonprofits, and other endowments. The Board that oversees an Affiliate Fund can choose from a wide range of fundraising programs tailored to their particular interests and their community’s distinct personality. Some Affiliate Boards may raise funds through bequests, memorials, donor advised funds, or corporate gifts, while others might organize special events to grow the Fund.

Using the Fund

The money raised in a community is invested to serve as permanent savings and the proceeds generated are available for grant making within that community. Volunteers from the area work to ensure that the funds are used efficiently and effectively. The staff of the Community Foundation of West Kentucky handles the administrative details thus freeing up volunteers to evaluate and assess the most pressing needs and opportunities within the community.

Securing the Fund

The corpus of the Fund is carefully invested by the CFWK’s Board in an effort to ensure that it will do the most good for the longest time. Virtually, all of the funds at the Foundation are invested in a diversified portfolio designed to manage market risk, dampen market volatility and ensure steady growth over time. Financial statements are issued quarterly detailing the activities of the Fund.

Advancing of the Fund

With an Affiliate Fund there are no public disclosure requirements, no IRS forms to file, no separate legal regulations of which to keep track. Because everyone shares in the costs of the Community Foundation, administrative costs are held to a bare minimum.