Current Funds for the Community Foundation of Henderson

520 Fund
Friends of Audubon Endowment
Paul and Elizabeth Bird Endowment
Paul and Elizabeth Bird Temporary Fund
Davenport Family Fund
Chase Fulcher Family Foundation Temporary Fund
Chase Fulcher Henderson Co. Archery Endowment
Chase Fulcher Archery Club Scholarship
Habitat for Humanity Endowment
Kenneth E. Middleton Habitat For Humanity Endowment
Henderson Addiction Recovery Endowment
Hamilton Charitable Endowment
Henderson County Public Library Endowment
John and Ann Hodge Endowment
Humane Society of Henderson Endowment
R. Scott and A. Houston Keach Endowment
John and Dawn Kelsey Endowment
Clarence Lewis Memorial Endowment
Jackie and John A Logan III Endowment

Charles R. and Deborah T. McCollom Endowment
Methodist Hospital CATCH Endowment
Henderson Matching Endowment
Juan and Sheri Nunez Endowment
Northwest Kentucky Forward Fund for Education Excellence
Henderson Operating Fund
POW:Partnership of Women Endowment
Shelter for Women and Children Endowment
Sitex Endowment
Christopher and Tara Kay Smith Endowment
St. Anthony's Hospice Endowment
Jeff and Julie Troxel Endowment
Henderson Unrestricted Endowment
Weaver Family Endowment
Richard A. & Elizabeth D. Wham Endowment
S. Kurtis Wilson Temporary Fund
Joe Winters Family Scholarship Fund
Steve R. & Laurie G. Wimber Jr. Endowment