Gifts given to the Community Foundation of Henderson become part of a permanent endowment within the Community Foundation of West KY, of which we are an affiliate.  We invest the gifts we receive so they grow and maximize the resources available to us to address community needs and benefit our community forever.

Investment Objective for Endowed Funds
For endowed funds, our investment goals are to preserve the original value of gifts and grow our assets as much as market conditions allow so we can address community needs now and in the future.  The Community Foundation employs a “two track” moderate growth strategy.
Track 1 or “Pool A” funds are invested in 70 percent equities and 30 percent in fixed income vehicles.
Track 2 or “Pool B” funds are invested in 30 percent equities and 70 percent fixed income vehicles.
This two track strategy has produced excellent results in both up and down markets. The Community Foundation calculates fund earnings based on a twelve rolling quarter average which levels out any losses with gains.

Over the last 12 months, Pool A has performed at 18.09% and Pool B at 6.9%.