There are several ways a donor can give to the Community Foundation of Henderson.

Unrestricted Fund: Think Broadly 
Allow The Community Foundation to identify needs and opportunities in the community and target your dollars where they will be most effective. You have the ability to reach hundreds of charitable organizations serving our community and beyond.

Donor-Advised Fund: Stay Involved 
Consolidate all of your charitable giving into one vehicle. Designate yourself, your spouse, your children or others as advisors to the fund. Advisors recommend grants from the fund at any time to those charities they wish to support. The Community Foundation of Henderson can help by identifying and researching charitable organizations addressing issues of importance to you. Advised funds may be established by individuals, families, groups, businesses, and organizations.

Field-of-Interest Fund:  Address Issues 
You decide the purpose of the fund, such as meeting the needs of children or promoting the arts, and the foundation identifies projects that are effectively accomplishing that goal. The Foundation’s leadership will use their expertise to identify, evaluate, and award grants to the most qualified and deserving organizations or programs in your interest area.

Designated Fund:  Provide Ongoing Support 
Specify a particular charitable organization to receive the proceeds of the fund in perpetuity. You are assured that should the organization cease to exist, the foundation’s board will preserve your intent by redirecting the fund to the closest similar purpose. Not-for-profit organizations may establish designated funds to provide annual support for their own mission.

Scholarship Funds:  Promote Personal Growth
Create a scholarship in honor or memory of someone special to you. The Community Foundation of West Kentucky administers more than one hundred scholarships created by individuals, families, and corporations to increase access to education.

Planned Giving:  Leave a Legacy 
Make a significant and long-lasting gift by creating a fund through your will. A testamentary gift ensures that your charitable goals are met in perpetuity for the causes that are important to you today. Vehicles for planned giving include bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, retirement fund assets, and life insurance.

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