The Community Foundation of Henderson is a philanthropic organization offering donor services, endowment building opportunities and philanthropic advocacy. Through the power of permanently endowed funds, the Foundation helps donors achieve their charitable goals and enables nonprofits to establish stable income sources.

[column size=half position=first ]The City of Henderson is fortunate to have a government who is active in community and economic development, non profit organizations who are committed to improve the community through work in specific areas of interest, and an array of public-private partnerships that work to advance the county through economic development, business relationships and downtown utilization. While these various organizations reach successes through their tireless work, there is not one vehicle of growth that looks at the community as a whole. The establishment of a community foundation ties all of these groups together while creating an environment to foster community involvement, investment and action.[/column]

[column size=half position=last ]Community Foundations are nonprofit, tax-exempt, publicly-supported grant making organizations. These foundations are public charities, since they develop broad support from many unrelated donors with a wide range of charitable interests in a specific community. A community foundation has an independent board that is broadly representative of the public interest and it maintains a diverse grants program that is not limited in scope. In addition to making grants, these foundations often play a leadership role in their communities, serve as a resource for grant information and broker training and technical assistance for local nonprofits.[/column]